Moving Tips For You and Your Feline Friend

It is imperative to understand the impact of moving on cats. A new home means an environment that lacks safe smells. This can make them insecure and confused. A familiar scent helps maintain the sense of custody of the cats, which in turn makes them feel calmer and safe. Aside from pheromones, some things would make it easier for you and your cat to settle in your new home.

Top five moving tips with your cat

1. When you move, close the cat in a room that is empty of furniture and objects such as, for example, a chest of drawers for which the cat may lie or hide. Place the cat"s food, water, toilets and blankets in the room. Keep in mind that the door to the room is closed so that the cat is allowed to rest, as well as not able to infect.

2. If you have access to the new residence before you move in, it"s good if you plug in a pheromone diffuser 24 hours before the cat moves in. It will feel more confident and get used to everything new (before it chooses to set aside its claw marks).

3. Prepare a room for the cat (in the same way as you moved), where your cat can rest and recover while arranging the rest of the rooms.

4. Allow the cat to access the entire home at a time when you are home, and before you know it, your pet can get hungry. Food can then be a first excellent impression for it in the new home.

5. Remember to tag your cat so that it is possible to track it if it disappears when it"s out. Wait to release it for about a month. When you release it for the first time, it"s good that it"s a little hungry.

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