How To Choose Good Long Distance Movers

If moving across your neighborhood is already stressful, long distance moving is multiple times more difficult. Shipping your belongings sometimes need coordination with your flight schedule. Add to that stress is the reality that there are moving companies that are not reliable or trustworthy. For an interstate move, you must choose long distance movers that are efficient and reliable, or everything will fall apart.

Ways to find a good moving company

apartment moversStart your preparation as early as possible

Everything will take longer than what you originally planned. You might be surprised at the volume of things you accumulated over the years. Which means it will take you more time to clean your place than what you originally planned.

Don"t throw your trash in the last minute or else you will quickly fill your trash bins. If you start early, you can dispose your junk over a period of weeks.

Another reason to start early is it will also take a while to find a good moving company.

Limit the things that you will take

One of best things to do before moving is to have a garage sale. You will be surprised at the number of items that is more practical to sell than move. For example, a cost of moving an object from coast-to-coast is $4 per cubic foot. Determine the volume of your item then multiply it by the price per cubic foot. Do you think it is valuable enough for you to spend that much on the item or you are better off selling it? That way, you will earn some extra cash and save some money by not having to send it.

Aside from the initial cost of transferring the item, you will also spend more money on that item if you will store it in a storage facility. This is a good opportunity to make your life simple by getting rid of the things you don"t need. Another option if you can"t sell it is to donate it and get a tax deduction or just give it away.

Label your boxes with the destination room

This action will make you and your mover"s job easier if you indicate where should your boxes go. If you don"t, they might constantly ask you where they should go, or they will leave them in the living room. This can save you from a lot of trouble.

Hire a real moving company, not a middleman or a broker

florida moversThere are a lot of companies that are advertising themselves as moving company, but in reality, they outsource the moving contract they get to other moving companies Most of the bad reviews online are about these brokers. You don"t need an intermediary between you and the real florida moving company. Hiring these brokers will only lead to miscommunication, lack of control, finger pointing, and higher cost since you needlessly have to pay for these brokers.

Hire a real moving company; it should have its moving staff and trucks. Their website won"t tell that they don"t have the moving equipment, vehicles, or staff. That is why they have to conduct further investigation, check for online reviews or call them.

Check the company on Better Business Bureau

That site rates businesses from A to F. You have to be extra cautious though because some companies use a fake company name to hide their real poor rating. Sometime, there could be two registered companies in the same address. Search the BBB website using other information such as the company name, address or the phone number. Make sure that there is a lot of people who have rated the company.

Check online reviews

If you Google the name of the company, you can see a lot of reviews online. Verify, though, that you are looking at the right company because there can be companies with the same name from different city or states.

Every company has bad reviews because no company is perfect.

Show your movers some gesture of kindness.

You can buy them bottled water or even some snacks. They will be encouraged to work more efficiently and be careful with your things. Show common courtesy, after all; they are the one that carries your properties. You can also help them carry things if possible. Give them a good tip if they performed well.

Also, leave an honest review about the company, it will help the company and your fellow customers.

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